Saturday, January 3, 2009


The entries in this blog are from a journal that came into my hands through being included in a box of books donated to the central library here in town. I do not know who donated the books, nor do I know the actual identities of either the writer of the journal or the people mentioned.

Upon receiving it and reading it I did make some attempt to track down the family to see if perhaps its inclusion in the box of donated books was a mistake, but had no luck. 

The story it tells is one I found compelling and fascinating. I am going to be posting the entries as they are written. Dates will be included where available to provide a sense of time. I am going to use the normal convention of abbreviating names to single first initials. All spelling, punctuation, etc. will be left intact and there will be no editorial comments or notes within the bodies of the posts. Should I feel a post needs a comment I will leave a comment in the comments section for that entry.

Feel free to comment on the posts, I am curious as to other's take on this material. 

All of these entries are recorded, by hand, in a small hard cover book entitled "An Illustrated Gardener's Notebook: for record-keeping, gardening tips and garden planning"

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