Saturday, January 10, 2009

Found Diary - Seventh Entry (3/5/94)

Last night was Friday, the day M. & D. H. formally separated. I called D. to inquire as to her well being. She is still praying & hoping M. will follow his heart & return home to a loving, caring & forgiving family. It appears that separation &/or divorse runs a predictable course & has various stages within the process. P. and I went to a new doctor last Thursday. She left in tears because he stated that in all his years of TS's, he had yet to see one change their mind. There is a great deal of ambivelence within our lives. This conflict of peace & unrest is continuous. One Christmas in years past the family sufferred the loss of a child. The child's name was L. B. S. He was your Aunt C.'s nephew. His death had a tremendous emotional impact on me. I cried profusly for several days. We went shopping on the day of his funeral in order to shift our own thoughts from his death. I came across a artificial Christmas tree that was absolutely beautiful. We purchased it and decorated it each Christmas. It's the tree you girls see each Christmas in our living room downstairs with gifts, a Christmas village, & a train set under neath it. This was my T. B. Tree, purchased soley to remind me of how wonderful & yet fragile life is. I know it is symbolic, but with the separation of me from the family, it too reminds me of how fragile things can be. R., your guinea pig is constantly out of water & I promise you it knows when I'm in the room & it makes that cute little noise, which I believe is a plea or cry for water. In turn I walk to its cage & find the bottle empty - so I fill it. W., your bird often times runs out of food so I would periodically go check if its feeder was filled with seed only to find it empty hulls.  Girls, there are so many areas in your life that you, individually, control the end result of one that is happiness or sadness. Life is fragile, therefore be slow in making judgements & be quick in lending a helpful hand. Like your pets - there are many souls that need fed spiritually, I am one of them. I said goodbye to your mother in a note the other day and within my note I reminded her of a movie we once saw. It was entitled "Being There". There is a scene in the movie where this illiterate person is making a profound statement. He is a gardener and is talk about a garden although those around him believe he is speaking metaphorically. He says, "as long as the roots are not severed, there will be growth in the spring." My advice to you girls is to keep from severing the roots. Instead, feed the roots and fertilize them. Then you will truly see (pardon the cliche) the fruits or flowers of your work. 

Love, Daddy.

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