Thursday, January 22, 2009

Found Diary - Thirteenth Entry (3/18/95)

I’ll check into the hospital tomorrow evening. My last day as a male. Given the awareness that a death is occurring, I also realize that death brings birth. M. L. loaned me a book to read while I was on my trip to Canada. It is entitled “Hope for the Flowers.” It beautifully depicts what my life has meant to me. 

Sometimes one must take a chance to risk all that you have to do what is instinctivly & spiritually correct. I will officially end my life as T. and forever more be L. 

Girls, if I die, please know my love for you was great. However, please also accept that my change was not based on my love or lack of love for you. Instead, it was truly that instinctual drive that was present since birth. I know God has greatness planned for you – Follow your heart, hold to your dreams, and never give up hope. 

You are loved. My mom & dad, along with T.J. & M. strongly love you. P. loves you too. Please do not be angry with her if something happens to me. Instead, help her by remaining loyal to your studies and helpful to your sisters. By doing so, you will help yourself.

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