Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Found Diary - Twelfth Entry (3/1995)

We had a hearing concerning my dressing as I have become, in Idabel, OK. The court was there to listen to the complaint P. [the mother] had filed against me and my complaint concerning her. The original court order mandated by Judge S., specifically list the acceptable clothing I could wear while I was in your presence. It was a list consisting of all “boy” clothes. As W. and P. [the daughter] each know, I wear skirts, blouses, dresses, makeup, etc. The clothing mandated by the judicial system does not make an acception for church and going out in public. 

         New Years day- 

You kids know I was dating Dr. H. B. and I believe you enjoyed his company. He is a sweet person, but he too, must work through many issues. He was also going through a divorse & was living in a separate home other than his estranged wife or mine. He likes you kids – he even bought you full size Barbies but I would not let him give them to you as they were too expensive & he really could not afford them @ the time. He did however, invite the group of us to celebrate New Years day! W. you got a little motion sick. I guess the revolving restaurant did not set well w/ you. The only part of that evening you enjoyed was one of my favorite moments when you laid your head onto my lap. I was able to care for you. P. you got really excited about the party hats and ran a complete rotation around  the perimeter of the restaurant while screaming and searching for W. Everyone in the place genuinely enjoyed your precense. We dined, drank sodas & tea, ate steak & other gourmet food & retired back to the room where the three of us girls would enjoy another evening together. H. was saying goodnight when the midnight bells rang & all of us got silly. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! 
H. left, but before he left the hotel & our company, the damage was already done – our picture had been taken by a private investigator hired by P. 

The picture was presented to the judge & I openly & honestly pleaded guilty … You were taken away from me. I miss you so much. 

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