Monday, January 26, 2009

Found Diary - Final Entry (3/25/95)


O smell sweat the fragrance of the meadows 

For the newness of life can be confirmed with the morning dew. With renewed life, brings forth hope for joy & peace amoung ourseleves. Let us sing in harmony for the souls of the unborn - in that they shall bring a message of love to all. 


I awoke to find tranquility. I've been touched by the healing power of God. The prayers of friends have assended into heaven & have been heard. What joy we find through love. I'm inspired by the writings of other companions in Christ. Let the voice of sin be turned to a pearl of forgiveness. In other words, grow in Christ & forgive those whom done wrong in the sight of our Lord & have discouraged our walk w/ God. Only you have the power to distance yourself from His Grace. Therefore, find strength in His path for He is close by our sidee. Walk righteously, speak softly, listen diligently and laugh /w Christ. For he truly wants us to experience His joy. May God give you peace & wisdom - that is my prayer for you, my children on this day of healing. 


Father J. M. lost his niece tonight from cancer. As I read a passage from quotes of God, "Sorrow May endure this evening, but joy shall returneth in the morning." A message of hope we can all apply to our lives. 


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