Saturday, January 3, 2009

First Entry (no date)

To my daughters, 

        As I was traveling from one engagement to another, I found myself searching for something to occupy my time. While in Wichita, KS, I visited a Pier 1 store and discovered this book on gardening. I was deeply in need at the time. Perhaps I was lonely. Perhaps I was sad. But as soon as I read some passages from this book, I immediately focused my attention on how lucky I am to have a wonderful partner & three lovely girls. Then it came to me, God has given me a task- to cultivate the soil - my soil being the very foundation of principles and virtues to which I should raise you. - I was indeed a gardener. As I attempt to fill these pages with words that, hopefully, will educate and provide you with insights of your father, I recognize that I too am a young, youthful gardener. So, therefore, please be patient with me as I attempt to share my thoughts & energies with you. My seeds will grow, but first, lets cultivate the soil.

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